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The Billboard

Usually preserved for commercial advertising, the billboard has something important to say. What happens when communication is lost? The billboard becomes a symbol of superficial commercialism, an eyesore on the interstate or just lost potential. There is a message waiting for you. Maybe it’s yet to emerge or maybe there is no longer anything to say. It’s so public and yet so pedestrian and it’s meant for everyone and yet no one in particular. There is something sad and lonely about not having the message ready for you.


Add This To The Collection

The letter board begs to be added to the collection but it’s just not clear what collection and who’s even collecting. We all have a collection; it’s what humans do. Some collections are public like a museum or zoo while others are private and maybe even intangible. The idea that someone, out there is sifting through what’s available and adding things to THE collection is intriguing. 


The Index Card

The Index Card is the most casual of all posted signs. Usually used for speeches to remind the speaker of ideas so important they shouldn’t be forgotten. ‘I am sorry’ is written as a humbling message on an index card that isn’t what it appears. Perhaps the most labor-intensive piece to create; this piece is the most modest and even banal.

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