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Safety Series
serigraphy, 18x23”

These screen prints reflect an interested in the pervasive elements of protection and security. Post 9/11, our country has been dealing with, and at times obsessed with, issues of protection and safety resulting in a collective measure of fear. This fear of terrorism and feeling of precarious existence may be more of a political construct than an individual reality. Regardless of the objective or subjective nature of this fear people need words and ideas to pacify their sense of stability and protection. These are the ideas that have fueled a book and series of screen prints. There is perhaps some disconnect between the reality of being protected and fears of mortality. In a very real way we are protected by the most banal elements in our world around us. Although these elements don’t protect us from terrorism they do protect us from things that are more immediate and palpable. This series of screen prints were created for the Armory Show in New York.

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